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display orientation background theme colors.

Cropchat’s sources are available on GitHub . Git history follows the tutorial steps.

To learn more about ngrok, you can read Matthieu Auger’s article: Expose your local environment to the world with ngrok .

Create view skeleton and handlerouting

Now that we have a proper base we are going to start building CropChat features. CropChat has three views:

Create a view with following skeleton:

Same for view:

Same for view:

Finally, update routing file :

Remove unused Hello.vue view too. You should see the changes impacting your mobile app directly (Hot reload is great, isn’t it?)

Install Material DesignLite

Don’t you know Material Design Lite? It’s a great framework that let you implement Pair of Small Sterling Silver Scottie Dog Stud Earrings mEsDAJyV
easily and lightly on your web application.

You can find an exhaustive documentation here: Get

Update CropChat dependencies:

Update component to import MDL style and load MDL module:

Provide your Single Page Application with a Navigation Bar:

Update main component template section:

Because Material Design Lite is not designed specifically to build Single Page Application, we need to hide the burger menu when user clicks on a menu link:

Populate views and bring application tolife

We are not yet connected to a backend server. We are going to use fake data as of now.

Create a file:

Import data in script section and link pictures to their corresponding DetailView:

Update template and style:

Proceed to the same enhancements on :

Final Result

We are done, CropChat is up!

Code source available on this GitHub repository:


I hope I have convinced you of the capabilities of VueJS and Webpack to create a web application with very little effort. To sum things up:

However, CropChat is not yet a Progressive Web Application: let’s have a look to the PWA requirements checklist:

Half of the requirements are not yet met. These are the objectives of the next parts.

You can now switch to Part II that focuses on providing fast and fresh data for our CropChat application.

For those who are in Paris, I am co-organizing a Progressive Web App MeetUp . Do not hesitate to come and say ‘Hi!’.

Did you like this article? Feel free to comment or contact me .

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Written by Amie O'Shaughnessy
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First view of the Ngorongoro crater

There was one piece of consistent advice when I was planning our family safari to Africa. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania is an absolute must-experience destination. We ended up adding it to our itinerary at the very last minute. Indeed, this is a very, very special place and I’m thrilled we were able to see it.

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